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ANCUR INC, is now OSHA Compliant

Updated: Feb 6

We are proud to announce that ANCUR INC, is now able to analyse and inspect business work premises and sites to ensure that companies fall into the legal requirements of OSHA compliance.

OSHA compliance (Occupational Safety and Health) is becoming a more and more important part of business in our day to day lives, and it is a legal requirement to adhere to the OSHA standards. The Employers must ensure that their workplace is safe from serious hazards as defined by OSHA and they must comply with the standards, rules and regulations issued within the OSH Act.

More information on OSHA can be found: here

At ANCUR INC, we always endeavour to provide an exceptional quality of service and understand the value of following health and safety guidelines within the workplace. Not only does following the guidelines for OSHA help protect workers from serious health and safety issues, but it also helps to protect companies from potential lawsuits.

With many years of training and experience working with a huge number of businesses, ranging from sole traders and micro businesses to large corporations, we are able to integrate the OSHA standards into almost any business framework flawlessly, ensuring that your workers will be safer and your business will follow the guidelines set forth within OSHA.

If you lack an OSHA Compliance officer to fulfill the role at your business, we can provide a temporary consultant to ensure that the role is covered, saving you time and money in terms of training and the employment costs of having a full time member of staff in the role.

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