• Alex O'Neil

La Paz Interview, and Taking on 2021

At ANCUR INC, we've been really busy throughout 2020 and the start of this year helping out as many people and businesses as possible. Last year has been a hard one for many businesses, with rules and regulations being put in place that have changed not only our personal lives, but the way we have to run our businesses and look after our employees.

Recently we did an interview with La Paz magazine, with the help of whom we have managed to work with and support many businesses within the Latinx and Hispanic communities in the local area.

La Paz is an absolutely fantastic organization that looks to promote inclusion of the Latinx and Hispanic community within the southern Tennessee area, and it is always a pleasure to work with them!

Throughout the trials of 2020, we managed to provide services to many business owners locally, ensuring that they could receive their fair share of PPP funding. Through hard work and determination we managed to assist four of our Latino businesses in acquiring over $300,000.00 through our partnership with their businesses!

2021 has got off to a rocky start for many businesses, but this year we are going to forge ahead with determination, no matter the challenges that face them and take on the storm together!

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