Supply Chain Consulting Services:

Logistics Process Automation

You can select, install, operate, and monitor logistics automation more easily with our background in computer software, SaaS, and other aspects of automation technology. In addition, Ancur INC, has extensive experience in related fields such as supply chain management and enterprise resource planning.

Using automated systems, robotics, guided vehicles, sortation systems, industrial robots, mobile technology, software, and other steps, your company can save money and improve efficiency.

Allow us to apply our expertise and insights to make logistics automation as cost-effective as possible.

Asset Utilization


This useful process allows you to determine the profitability of every aspect of your business, including sales, inventory, accounts receivable, and much more.

This determination, based on ratios, will allow you to make adjustments to increase overall profitability. Our analysis can also compare your organization's standing to that of other organizations in your field.

Furthermore, asset utilization can determine whether a company's efficiency has increased or decreased over time, and it can be combined with other tools to provide a more complete picture of a company's performance.

Material Integration


Financial accounting and materials management must collaborate to ensure that a business has what it needs at the right time, in the right place, and in the right amount.

We can integrate accounting and procurement processes to ensure the most efficient material management - and eliminate waste and inefficiency.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement is critical for any organisation that wishes to be long-term and efficient.

A company collects and analyses data on outcomes and results on a regular basis and shares it with team members to assess efficiency and identify opportunities to boost productivity and reduce errors and waste.

The analysis of key performance indicators also allows a company to make changes to both long-term and short-term strategies.

Logistics/Distribution Systems Evaluation


The various costs are major factors in evaluating a logistics/distribution system.

How much does a company pay for transportation, warehouses, handling, insurance, interest and numerous other charges?

Costs can be trimmed with automation such as software that gives timely reports on the location of goods being moved. Routes, packaging, schedules and delivery systems can be adjusted to increase savings and reach the customer more quickly.

A company also should periodically examine the value of adding or deleting intermediaries in its distribution system.

Quality Management Systems Audits


An audit ensures that a quality management system meets standards for procedures, recordkeeping, data management, product quality, and other critical aspects of a business.

The audit determines whether the necessary documents are in place, up to date, and in accordance with the requirements.

A "quality audit" is an examination of the quality management system. ISO 9001, the quality system standard, requires it.

An audit provides managers with objective data for assessing performance, identifying areas for improvement, and highlighting success stories.